Individualised Coaching

Remote Coaching

  • A fully individualised training program crafted for you based on the your goals and abilities.

  • Monthly Nutritional Consultation and ongoing nutritional monitoring and support.

  • Remote Consults every 4 weeks as needed. These help to stay on track and tuned into training needs, progress tracking, exercise and diet plan, and great way to check in with your coach on a weekly or monthly basis.


Bespoke Training - From £80/month

The LD Individual Programme is aimed at individuals who are wanting to improve their abilities as a CrossFitter, Olympic Weightlifter, Powerlifter or their performance in their chosen sport. The programme is 100% tailored to meet your needs as an athlete and takes into account everything from your current fitness level, weekly training schedule, lifestyle, any injuries you may have and of course your training goal.

​​Athletes on this programme will receive - ​

  • Individual weekly programming tailored to their needs.

  • Contact with their coach 24/7

  • Video analysis.

  • Nutritional Support

  • Access to Private Facebook Group

  • Full access to Truecoach

  • Monthly calls/catch ups with Coach

  • Money for winning competitions and working hard.

​​How it works.

​​Step 1 - Initial Consultation.
​The first stage is a discussion between you and your coach to clearly establish your goals, set a time frame to achieve them and for you to let us know about your training schedule, lifestyle, injuries, training facilities and anything else you wish to discuss.

Step 2 - Test Week.
​​Following your initial consultation you will have your test week. This is an opportunity to establish your current ability, film your lifts and gymnastics to allow us to programme the appropriate progressions for you and to set benchmarks moving forward. The test week incorporates a range of specific tests, including measures of aerobic fitness, anaerobic fitness, strength, power, unilateral strength, gymnastic strength, gymnastic endurance among other things, to allow us to have a complete picture of your physiological state.

​​Step 3 - The hard work begins!
​​Following the initial consultation and test week your coach will put together your programme. This will be tailored to your needs based on the results and information received, with the aim of helping you achieve your goals and beyond. You will be able to contact your coach on a regular basis, send videos, ask questions and give them feedback on your training, to keep you on track, motivated and progressing.

​Please note, places on this package are limited due to coaches time and spending time with each athlete. Please email, to discuss your individual programming needs.