Military Fitness

Looking to Join the Military and want to get Military Fit? Former Royal Marine Commando has helped over 1000 young men and women join the Forces.

Get Fit To Join The Forces. 


So i served 5 years as a Royal Marine Commando and left in 2015 due to wanting to chase my passion. I played professional ice hockey from the age of 8 up to 21 when i joined the Marines. Well in the Marines i found my love for Crossfit and started to use it as a training method to get fit and to keep my fitness level high. Thats when i started to research training and strength training and found the love of training and coaching. So i then went on to do a number of coaching courses which now brings me to were i am now as a Athlete and Coach. I am a Crossfit Athlete and also a Crossfit Coach at a gym and now also run this Company programming for athletes looking to step there game up and become the best version of themselves.

Military Training.

I have been running a Facebook page and Instagram page where i post weekly training, advice, tips and answer questions anyone has on the Forces or Marines. I also have a Youtube channel where i would post videos on the best ways to train improve bodyweight exercises also doing Q&A sessions. Now I'm looking to up the game and moving forward on having people join the program and have it sent out weekly via email. 

The Training methods i use is what i found works best to pass the tests you need before starting recruit training. Also the knowledge i have from been through and done what you are hoping to do and using the methods the military use to get us fit. 

So to join to program and receive weekly training program, Tips to improve weaknesses, Diet help to make sure you are fuelling your body right for training. And having 24/7 advice from me if needed simply click the button below and subscribe for ONLY £1 a month.