Functional Fitness Method 2.0

Functional Fitness Method 2.0

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Welcome to The Functional Method 2.0!


The Functional Method 2.0 eight week full body program is the second installment in The Functional Method training series.


This program offers the perfect blend of functional strength building techniques, kettle bell complexes, mobility / prehab workouts and next level core / midline stability training that will take your functional strength, athletic performance, metabolic conditioning, and mobility, to a whole NEW level!


The Functional Method 2.0 will equip you with everything you need to build the most functional and well rounded physique you have ever had!


How is The Functional Method 2.0 different from 1.0?

  • Increased work volume
  • NEW movements
  • More advanced movement patterns
  • NEW kettlebell complexes
  • Heavy lifting for strength
  • Increased cardiovascular conditioning
  • NEW program structure
  • NEW workout finishers
  • NEW mobility / prehab workouts and more!